Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need an Organiser or a Participant account?

You can see the feaures of each account on our pricing page.

If you want to create agendas then you'll need an Organiser account.

If someone else on your team has an Organiser account and you just want to contribute to agendas and attend meetings then you just need a free Participant account.

Why would I want a business plan?

If you are a small team, business or organisation then you can just have a single Organiser account. You can add other Organisers if you need more than one.

For bigger teams that want more than two Organisers then a business plan is more cost effective and also gives extra benefits such as the ability to pay yearly by bank transfer and to have your agendas branded with you company's logo.

Details of our business plans can be found on our pricing page.

Can I have multiple agendas running simultaneously?

Yes if you have an Organiser account you can have as many agendas / meetings as you like.

What are Agenda Streams?

Agenda streams are used to keep your agendas organised. Think of them like boxes for putting related agendas in.

They can be called whatever you like them to be. For example you could have a stream called ‘Weekly Management Meetings’ containing every management meeting and another stream called ‘Committee Meetings’ for a separate project. There is no limit to the amount of streams you can create and you can have an unlimited amount of agendas within each stream.

When you invite members to an agenda they are able to view the entire stream, not just that agenda.

How many participants/contributors can I invite to an agenda?

Organisers can invite an unlimited amount of participants to each agenda stream at no extra cost. If these people want to use OnOurAgenda for their other projects they will need to upgrade to an Organiser accout.

How do I share my agenda with people?

There are two ways to share the agenda. Click on the specific agenda you wish to share and a ‘sharing’ button will appear underneath the title of the agenda. This will allow you to invite people to the agenda, regardless of whether they have an account. You can also set their access level through this method.

The second way to share the agenda is by clicking ‘send’. This will allow you to send a PDF version of the agenda to any participants or other people that you wish to view to agenda.

Can I edit my notes or minutes after the meeting has taken place?

Yes, once your meeting has finished users can go back to the agenda, click on the item they want to edit and begin revising minutes (providing they have the correct level of access) or their personal notes.

How do I cancel a meeting?

The best way to cancel a meeting is to personally email your participants. You can then either change the date of the meeting if you are going to reschedule it or delete the agenda from the stream by going to thats specific agenda, pressing Edit Mode and then clicking delete, which can be found under Advanced Options at the bottom of the page.

Can I integrate my meeting dates into my calendar?

As of yet the software has no integration with any external calendar but it may become a feature in the future.

Any other questions?

Please contact us and we'd love to help!